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Individual Therapy

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“Why do I get sad? Why can’t I control my anger? Why can't I make this go away? I'm no good. I'm letting people down. What’s wrong with me?" Many of us have a strong urge to understand sadness, anger, despair, irritability, and other difficult emotions when they occur. We try to think our way out of the problem, which can be called ruminating, fixating, or obsessing. "Why do I feel this way? What could I have done differently? " We engage with the critical voice and the inner dialogue spirals out of control. Sometimes this experience is so overwhelming that our system shuts down and leave us paralyzed from taking action.

The Most Common Reasons For Seeking Therapy

  • Depression

  • Grief

  • Anxiety

  • Addiction

  • Sexual issues

  • Confidence

  • Greater self-awareness

  • Greater life balance


Many of us feel overwhelmed by our responsibilities, commitments and sometimes our dreams. Even when we know we have nothing to complain about we find ourselves feeling anxious, unhappy, and wishing things were different. We end up cruising through life on autopilot missing the small things that often end up being the most important. We struggle to tame our chattering monkey mind that jumps from one thought to the next at an exhausting pace.

How Can Therapy Help Me?

The goal of therapy is establishing connection to the Self-caring part of you that contains healing qualities of compassion, curiosity, clarity, calmness, confidence, connectedness and courage. 

The development and healing take place to a large extent through creating a relationship between the Self-caring part and the insecure, forgotten or extreme sub-parts of you that stand in the way of you being in good and secure contact with yourself and other people, as well as setting healthy boundaries and taking good care of yourself. 

Once the relationship is formed to the sub-parts it gives the Self caring part the opportunity to function as a compassionate, curious and healing support and leader in the interconnected sub-parts of the psyche, each containing their own qualities and resources.

When our parts receive help, it opens up a life of more harmony and flexibility both internally in relation to yourself and externally in relation to other people and to activities you love but which you may have given up on.

Let's get started now if you are ready to deal with the issues that have been holding you back

Or you can book a free consultation and we will discuss what the next step could be.

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