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Online Therapy

The video-based method of therapy is different than traditional office-based therapy as it is conducted over the Internet, which allows the clients to stay in their own environment. This is especially useful in cases where the client is:


  •  A frequent business traveller 

  • Housebound due to an illness or other circumstance such as a global pandemic like COVID19.

  • Living in an area where there are no English speaking therapists available


Skype, Facetime or Teams are all no-fee, Internet-based video conferencing applications that streams either via computers, tablets or phones worldwide. Its simplicity of use and high-quality transmission is best experienced via a high-speed Internet connection.


Video-sessions are conducted in the same way as office-based sessions. Communication by Skype, Facetime or Teams is encrypted and decrypted automatically, and therefore all of our communications via Skype, Facetime or Teams will be confidential.


If engaging in a video-based therapy session, I recommend that you try to create a private space free from distractions. You can even use a headset for increased privacy.


The sessions can run to as few, or as many, as you require. You can always cancel an appointment (according to my cancelation policy) or request another. Consultations are confidential, and you can freely talk about any issue.


If you are wondering whether or not video-based therapy is the right choice for you, you are welcome to contact me for further information. 

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