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Transitional Group Therapy

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After years of focusing on joggling with all the logistic around family-life and work-life – you might wake up one day feeling disconnected and out of sync with what and who you truly are. You begin wondering what happened and soon after you start blaming yourself for not paying attention and for letting it get that far in the first place. You decide to take action but feel lost in the various directions to take.

Let me comfort you ….by saying that it’s not about “finding” yourself… it’s about rediscovering yourself. The truth is, you don’t need to “find” yourself because you were never really “lost.” You simply lost sight of who you are and of what you want, probably after years of trying to live up to who you thought you were supposed to be…

If you feel…


  • Trapped, tired of, or unfulfilled by your life, career or relationships.

  • On a painful detour from where you “thought you’d be by now.”

  • Lost with no sense of direction or certainty of self.

  • Disappointed that you’re not making more of a difference in the world.

  • Frustrated of always putting the needs of others before your own.

  • Lonely, and as if no one understands or supports you.

  • Overwhelmed by expectations and pressure to do, have, or be something more.

  • Stuck, with no idea of how to make changes or create a life you love.


You are not Alone … I’ve been there.


I understand feeling stuck, lost and wandering through life with a lack of direction and purpose. I also know what it’s like to come out on the other side - happy, passionate and fulfilled. But this isn’t about me, it’s about YOU.

That is why I want to invite you to join the Transitional Group-therapy course for people living in and around Amsterdam. The purpose of the group course is to create a safe space for self-reflection, inspiration and support through sharing your experiences or challenges with others in similar situation. My role is to encourage and guide you to look a bit deeper inside your self and to take a loving but objective look at your life, reassess some of your beliefs, habits, and thought patterns in order for you to be true to your self whether its on a existential level or in every day life.

How Does It Work?

  • The group will meet twice a month.

  • Each session last 1 ½ hour and the group-course extends over 12 weeks.

  • The group consist of 5 participants besides the therapist.

  • I will conduct a preliminary interview with each of you to get to know you better and to make sure that you will supplement each other in the group.

  • Once you have been approved you will receive a written contract with terms and conditions of participating in group therapy.

  • The prize covers 6 x 90min of group therapy at a total of € 450,- which is to be transferred before the beginning of the course.

Please contact me for more information on location and next group start.

>> in person only <<

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