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My Background

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Bettina Hemmingsen Background and Education

Lifelong Learning

I’m dedicated to continuing education as it supports my thirst for knowledge. At the same time it provides a perfect opportunity to develop new skills and demonstrate my familiarity with research-based, evidence-based, and empirically validated care and treatments.

Educational Background

  • Social Educator BA at Grevinde Danner Seminariet, Denmark (2007)

Post-Graduate Certifications

  • Internal Family System Practioner (IFS) Level 1 at Portuguese Society for Constructivist Psychotherapies, Portugal 2023

  • Emotionnaly Focused Couples Therapist (EFT) at Center for Familieudviking, Denmark 2022

  • Trauma supervisor at DISPUK, Denmark (2021)

  • Functionel-family therapist at MUP & FFT LLC, Denmark (2019)

  • Family-therapist & Couples counsellor at Kempler Institutet, Denmark (2003)

  • Psychotherapist MPF at Psykoterapeutisk Institut, Denmark (2000)

  • Rolfer, Body Integrational Therapist at Rosenberg Institutet, Denmark (2000)

  • Reflexologist at Helse-skolen i Søborg, Denmark(1998)

Professional Background

  • IFS Practioner & Couples Therapist & Family Counsellor in The Netherlands

  • Family therapist & Youth counsellor within the Child & socialcare system in Denmark

  • School-counsellor & familytherapist at MIS (Munich International school) in Germany

  • Counselling and Therapy for Expats in Germany

  • Writer and Columist for Ladybird Magazine in Egypt, Turkey and Libanon

  • HR Manager in Import Company in Denmark

  • Professional Counsellor in Psychiatric Hospital in Denmark

  • Family-counsellor in Day-treatment school for children diagnosed with various behavioural and socio/emotional problems in Denmark

  • Telephone Counsellor at Børns Vilkår (Children/Parents Hotline) in Denmark

  • Social educator (Social Pedagogue) in various day-care & residential-care Institutions in Denmark


  • Therapeutic Shamanism at The Three Raven College, UK (2023)

  • Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy at Inwardbound, Ireland (2023)

  • IFS training and supervision by Peter Legaard & Signe Steenberger, Denmark (2022)

  • IFS online circle by IFS Institute, USA (2022)

  • Therapeutic Shamanism at The Three Raven College, UK (2022)

  • Kundalini Yoga by Christina Bhadwati Pamgeri, Germany (2014)

  • MBSR at the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society, Massachusetts Medical School. USA(2014)

  • Kundalini yoga at the Yoga Studio Maadi, Egypt (2010)

  • Carl Jungs Analysis of Dreams & Symbols by Karen Helle Grue, Denmark (2000)

  • Yoga and Meditation at the Skandinavisk Yoga & Meditation skole, Denmark (1997)


  • IFS Intro Workshop by Peter Legaard & Signe Steenberger, Denmark (2022)

  • EFT with highly reaktive couples and trauma-treatment in couples therapy by Jette Simon, Denmark (2021)

  • The self of the Therapist by Jette Simon, Denmark (2020)

  • Trauma & spiritual experiences by Marianne Bentzen, Denmark (2020)

Countries I have lived in

  • Denmark

  • England

  • Kenya

  • Egypt

  • Lebanon

  • Turkey

  • Germany

  • The Netherlands

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