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Work-life Balance


Several recent research studies conducted by ORC Worldwide examine the impact of work-life balance for domestic employees and international assignees.When employees work excessive hours and suffer disruption to their personal or family lives, the outcomes are clearly felt and are even more pronounced on international assignments.

Stress is the most widely experienced effect, most often resulting in employees feeling unable to cope with pressures on the job, disruptions through communications across time zones and frequent international travel.


Expat Work-Life Balance Program (EWLP)

The Expat Work-Life Counseling Program is an effective tool in maintaining employee satisfaction and develop specific skills which will balance the work and personal life of an expatriate employee by:


  • Improving your time management and organization

  • Feeling at home in a different cultural environment

  • Improving the balance between your work and private life

  • Coping with difficult situations at work and at home

  • Have a more fun and passionate life with less stress


Contact me if you want to know more about the Expat Work-Life Balance Program and how this program will reduce stress, foster engagement and avoid burnout.


Bettina Hemmingsen

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