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The Third culture Kids Club


"A TCK is an individual who, after having spent a significant part of the developmental years in a culture other than that of their parents, develops a sense of relationship to all of the cultures while not having full ownership in any. Elements from each culture are incorporated into the life experience, but the sense of belonging is in relationship to others of similar experience."


There are three basic things all children need:


  • Belonging,

  • Recognition 

  • Connection.


For TCKs, these basic needs are ripped away with each move.

Powerless in the decision to relocate, their many losses are often not acknowledged even by their own parents, and the main problem is unspoken, unrecognized, shunted aside.


One of the major areas we work with in The TCK Club is the issue of unresolved grief. TCK are always leaving or being left. Relationships are short-lived. At the end of each school year, a certain number of the student body leaves, not just for the summer, but for good. Most TCKs go through more grief experiences by the time they are 20 than monoculture individuals do in a lifetime.


In the TCK Club we give each other the time and space to share our stories and memories of the places and people we have left behind. We listen and we laugh and we mourn. We bring awareness to the advantages of growing up abroad and teach how to cope with the disadvantages.




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Bettina Hemmingsen

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