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Feeling isolated and alone?


The biggest challenge expat spouses face is the fact that when they accept the offer to relocate, they are essentially giving up their personal, social, and professional identity on behalf of a spouse or partner.


In my encounter with clients they often talk about how different their experiences would have been if they had received support earlier on to overcome the challenging feelings of:


  • Being disconnected and lonely

  • Guilt

  • Lost identity and not knowing who they are anymore

  • Culture shock

  • Being powerless, overwhelmed and frustrated at the same time


The Online Spouse Group (OSG)

It takes tremendous effort making new friends and to break the cycle of loneliness and isolation. The Online Spouse Group will provide you with the necessary support to move forward because:


Sharing your experience with others will help you

  • Gain new perspective on your situation,

  • Give you greater access to practical information

  • Help you to see how others deal with similar situations in their life.

  • Speed along adjustment


What is the purpose of the Online Spouse Group?

The purpose of OSG is to offer a listening ear and a safe place to discuss fears and real or perceived barriers. Sharing our feelings and experiences often inspire an action plan, which is usually the stimulus that is needed to take the first steps to venture out and break the vicious circle.


My personal and professional experience gives me the ideal background to assist you during all steps of the transition process and to help you hold on to your self as you go along.


Follow the link to learn more about the Danish group and the English group.





Contact Bettina Hemmingsen


If you want to know more details before your decide if the Online Spouse Group is the right thing for you, fill out the contact form below or call me on phone.

Tel.: +45 53 83 94 94


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Bettina Hemmingsen

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