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Transitional Group Therapy for Emerging Adults

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Emerging adulthood is often a turbulent stage of life, as young people forge their identity and build relationships outside their immediate family. It’s only natural to feel some stress or anxiety at times as you navigate the challenges that come with establishing your place in the world.

Are you an emerging adult?

Compared to previous generations, emerging adults are now spending more time in education, getting married and having children later, and taking longer to find stable jobs. Advances in technology allow them to stay in close contact with their parents, enabling parents to continue their parenting roles even after their children leave home. More young adults even choose to live with their parents both during and after they finish education. Because of this extended parenting, many young adults are not becoming fully independent, which includes accepting responsibility for themselves, making their own decisions, and becoming financially independent. This stage in life is characterized by the following transitional events like:

  • Leaving home

  • Finishing education

  • Finding employment

  • Getting married

  • Starting a family

  • Redefining relationships with parents

  • Pursuing love lives

  • Shaping a career path

  • Developing religious beliefs

  • Having hopes for the future

The Benefits of Transitional Group Therapy for Emerging Adults

Group therapy is an effective way for young adults to connect, get support, and make positive changes. You will gain multiple benefits through self-expression and positive awareness while learning coping mechanisms, social skills, effective communication skills and conflict resolution. Here are just a few reasons why group therapy works for young adults:

Support and Connection: Group members share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences among like-minded peers, realizing they’re not alone. Developing a positive social support system helps decrease stress, loneliness, and isolation, enhancing a sense of belonging and creating hope for the future.


Improved Interpersonal Skills: Group therapy provides a safe space to practice social skills. It’s an opportunity to share, listen, and engage in conversations in a judgment-free environment. Over time, this boosts confidence, communication skills, and reduces anxiety.


Problem-Solving and Feedback: Learn to problem-solve with peer support and feedback, positively challenging each other to look at issues from different perspectives. Feedback from peers can often be more impactful than from parents or therapists.


Learning from Others: Anxious about group? Benefit by just listening until you feel comfortable enough to share. Most people find commonalities with others, and as group members share and work on themselves, you can learn more about yourself and what’s worked for others.

How Does It Work?

  • The group will meet online twice a month.

  • Each session last 1 ½ hour and the group-course extends over 12 weeks.

  • The group consist of 5 participants besides the therapist.

  • I will conduct a preliminary interview with each of you to get to know you better and to make sure that you will supplement each other in the group.

  • Once you have been approved you will receive a written contract with terms and conditions of participating in group therapy.

  • The prize covers 6 x 90min of group therapy at a total of € 450,- which is to be transferred before the beginning of the course.

Please contact me for more information on location and next group start.

>> Currently only online groups <<

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