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How to help a troubled young mind


When young people experience life difficulties, like parental discord or being bullied, it can lead to a whole range of painful feelings but the experienc of having difficulties in it-self can also lead to a range of distressing responses. Counselling helps them get "things of their chest" which often leads to positive improvements in their capacity to study and learn as they can concentrate more fully in class.


Some of the difficulties that students often raise include:


  • Problems with anxiety and stress; social anxiety

  • Depression; loneliness

  • Adjusting to a new culture; homesickness

  • Problems with family, friends or intimate relationships

  • Sexuality

  • Bereavement and loss

  • Study related stress

  • Difficulty with commitment to people, places, schools or school systems as these constantly changes (Third Culture Kids)

  • Bullying

  • Feeling suicidal

  • Eating disorders

  • Addictions, including alcohol, drugs and gambling


The benefits of Student Support Program (SSP)


Talking openly and honestly to a counsellor about ones difficulties do a number of things:


  1. First, it may help the youg person move towards some solutions to their problems and thereby reduce the stress caused by the problems. 

  2. Second, it give them a sense that they are not alone with their difficulties, some clarity about what is going on for them and less ruminating, greater acceptance of themselves and less shame.

  3. Third, learning to talk through problems with a counsellor also helps most young people develop the skills and confidence to open up to others in their lives and develop better relationships.


Student Support Program (SSP)

The Student Support Program (SSP) offers individual sessions and group sessions that allows students the opportunity to discuss their feelings, meet peers who share similar experience and come to an understanding of life events which influence them.


Parents and teachers should react if a student or child exhibits behaviour that is inappropriate, has an unexplained change in academic performance, develops an unacceptable pattern of absence, shows signs of depression or other signals that a problem may exist.


Contact me for more information about The Student Support Program

Bettina Hemmingsen

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