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An inevitable term of Expat life is Change. Whether it’s setting up a new house, settling in the kids, refitting a marriage into a new culture, establishing a social network or starting new work, it can all add pressure to an already confusing situation.

Even for those who have spent years abroad, feelings of inadequacy, marital problems and depression are common issues, which are difficult to face alone.

I believe that we have so much to give each other and that by sharing our concerns or experience we help a larger part of the community in similar situations.

That is why I have created this column to offer my advise and support in the process of transition by providing coping strategies to help overcome the difficulties of change.

But to do so I need your consent to publish your question and my answer.

If your question is very long I might shorten it a bit to fit the layout of the blog. I also reserve the right to evaluate if your question is suitble for the purpose of this blog. It´s also important to mention that your name will stay unknown to the public.

Once I have received your question I will ask for your confirmation that you have read and understood the terms of publishing our correspondence.

Once I have received your confirmation I will proceed with answering your question.

You can submit your question here.

With warm regards

Bettina Hemmingsen


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