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How to prevent stress and “burn-out”


Teaching at an international school is as much about teaching as it is about cross-cultural understanding and linguistic navigation. Parents expect teachers to work hard, and management expects results. It is not an easy ride: lessons have to be thoroughly planned, homework has to be challenging and papers have to be graded, with extensive comments.


Professional Counselling Program (PCP)

Personal Counselling apply to professionals within in the school system and it is a method to promote professional and personal development. Through counselling one can create an overview of experienced dilemmas / issues. These can be viewed through new approaches and consequently create new options. Professional counselling may result in:


  • Obtain new professional competences and personal development.

  • Enhance the ability to create stimulating relations

  • To create an environment for deeper understanding and self-reflection on ones actions

  • Raise the knowledge and quality of the work thereby assuring the development, thriving and engagement.

  • Becoming aware of your part in a matter.

  • Getting an overview

  • To wonder

  • To recognize your “Blind spots”

  • To recognize, respect and look after your own needs thereby preventing stress, “burning out” and “warned-out”.


Team Counselling Program (TCP)

In contrast to the personal counselling, team counselling involve the thriving of the whole team as a group. I will focus on the communication and interaction in the group and the need to adjust the expectations we have to one another. We will look into the possibility of changing inappropriate behavioural patterns as well as missing engagement and unsolved conflicts. All types of teams need adjustment now and then and I have particular experience with group dynamic processes.


Contact me for further information about the Personal Counselling Program or Team Counselling Program.


Bettina Hemmingsen

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