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How to Spring Clean Your Life

Springtime is definitely the season that symbolizes new life and a new beginning, so what could be more appropriate than giving your life a thorough spring-cleaning. And since physical and mental clutter prevents the creative energy from flowing there is no time to waste. We all have the tendency to complicate and intensify challenges unnecessarily, creating a vicious spiral of complain and frustration. So now is the time to start sorting things out and make space for the positive and optimistic energy to flow.

My “spring cleaning” manifest!

  • Go through your calendar and mailbox and delete all unnecessary appointments.

  • Sort all the old stuff in the attic, in the basement and the garage, wherever you have clutter, there is a block of energy.

  • Loose the excessive kilos

  • Make the appointment with the Dentist, the Mechanic or the Insurance Company.

  • Go through your wardrobe and give the things you don’t wear to charity.

  • Detox your body.

  • Quit smoking and stop drinking for a while.

  • Fix the things that are broken around the house. Remember that food is also love so open the fridge and see how much “healthy love” you have for in there and throw out all the “unhealthy love” that is bad for your health.

  • Think “simple is better” and start building healthy habits. Eat, sleep and exercise in the prober way. “Watch out” for your thoughts and simply decide to focus on positive self-affirmation thoughts.

  • Minimize the “to do” list by only making realistic goals with your self.

  • Time is precious and every moment count. So be present, stop worrying about the future and let go of the past. It’s the quality of this moment that determines the quality of future moments.

  • Stop judging and defining things or people, it only makes your perspective narrow and your life more confined. Make space in your mind by getting rid of destructive and negative thought patterns.

  • Don’t waste valuable energy on anger, self-pity and self-righteousness, these feelings consume energy and prevents you from fulfilling your dreams.

  • Choose your battles wisely; don’t let small details block your vision and don´t burry bigger and more important issues under the carpet.

  • Be responsible and make sure to clean up and through away. Treat all living beings with respect, be polite and show good manners.

  • Listen to your body and treat it with great care, it deserves your love and attention.

  • Stop polluting your body with unhealthy and artificial food and by using skin-products full of damaging and toxic additives.

  • Recycle and make sure to by local and organic food.

  • Spend more time in nature and tune in on the delicate yet powerful energy it represent. Always give back to nature what you took and never leave anything behind but your footprints.

  • If you are used to being in control, learn how to let go.

  • If you are unstructured and messy, learn how to be more organized and focused.

  • Don’t let money and greed control your life. True happiness and inner peace is a state of mind and not a physical manifest.

  • Be aware and considerate while driving and obey by the traffic rules.

  • Show compassion and kindness towards fellow citizens and neighbors. Don’t let small differences get in the way of decent behavior.

  • If you are indecisive and distracted, focus your attention and elude all disturbing elements from your mind or surroundings.

  • If you are a parent remember that the best thing you can give your children are roots and wings.

  • Be honest with yourself that way you will be honest with others also.

  • Keep your appointments and stick to the deals you make, honor the value of trust and commitment.

  • Find your path or passion in life and make it your living. This way you will be an inspiration to others, which will generate more happy and content people all around the world.

  • Don’t be afraid of making mistakes or making a fool out of yourself. Its only by taking chances and risks your true potential will evolve.

  • Spend more time with the people that truly mean something to you and remember to express your gratitude for their presence in your life.

  • Remember that you are empowered with the gift of free will, which always give you a choice in any given situation in your life. Children needs love and boundaries so even though a “no” can be harder than saying “yes” it might be the most loving statement in certain situations.

  • If you find yourself complaining a lot and feeling like a victim all the time, it might be because your expectations are set way to high. Remember that our interpretation of a given situation is a product of our mind and has nothing to do with reality.

  • Try to avoid too much drama in your life it only activates all your defence mechanisms which prevents you from making sound judgement.

  • Make your relationship a “spiritual practise” and accept that no marriage is perfect. The road to happiness goes through many periods of frustration, sorrow and pain and we need to endure these times to see things more clearly.

  • Each time you find yourself in a situation where you are waiting for something, whether it is in a line or in traffic or waiting for better times to come around you are actually overlooking the importance of the present moment.Don´t forget that your life is made up of a billion moments and all of them count, so be present and stop waiting.

  • Don´t be afraid of turning the next page in your life, always remember that each Goodbye is followed by a Hello.

  • "This too will pass” is a valuable mantra to use when you find yourself in a situation in life that seems to have no ending.

  • If you are tired of giving and feel that you don’t get anything in return it might be because you are looking in the wrong direction. If we limit the attention we give to others to only two ways, it would be an endless score to settle, so be aware that sometimes you give in on direction and receive from another, that’s how the universe works.

  • Stop looking for love and start giving instead. It is only by giving and feeling love for others we experience love. Love isn’t something we get its something we give.

  • Whenever you are indecisive about something, and there is a conflict between your mind and your heart, listen to your heart. The heart is your true self and therefore always in tune with your inner core, which is connected to a higher more profound energy in the universe.

  • Don´t get too attached to material things or physical forms, they only provide you with a temporary feeling of satisfaction or happiness.

  • If your dog is misbehaving it might be because you are applying human psychology to solve a dog problem. Don´t forget that dogs are dogs and should be treated as such, so seek some professional advice before its too late.

  • Do at least one good deed every day and preferable one that shows kindness and compassion.

  • Don´t underestimate the power and importance of silence keep in mind that God gave your two ears and only one mouth to make you listen twice as much as you talk.

  • Always make sure to get your priorities right and follow them. You will only regret the things you didn´t do but never the things you did.

  • Inner resistance blocks the flow of energy both mentally and physically. So stop identifying yourself with mental perceptions. Their only purpose is to distract and confuse you.




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